Assorted Fanfic by Me

("Me" being, at different times, Pellinor, Ladyofastolat, Eildon Rhymer, or Rhymer23)

Welcome to my fanfic. If you choose to explore further, be warned that my favoured story genre is long, character-driven, angsty stories with plots, though I also write some humour. I don't write sex or swearing, though the general darkness and angstiness would make me rate most of this as not suitable for young children. I have done non-explicit slash in a couple of fandoms, but mostly write gen.

Site last updated: 24th April 2010. Added two new sections - Magnificent Seven and Queen's Thief - though there's only one story in each so far. More detailed information on updates is on the what's new page

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Magnificent Seven fanfic
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