Short and angsty ones

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These are all in the form of txt files, because that's how I had to save them back in the days of Usenet.

All of these stories are rated between PG-13 and R for darkness, angst and violence, but there's no sex and swearing. Quite a few of them are bleak in their endings. I used to get death threats and many cries of outrage about my habit of giving stories ambiguous or outright sad endings.

Cry in the dark
I probably for more feedback for this story than any other story I wrote. All I can say is, "I'm sorry!"

Original summary: Mulder's in the hospital again - or is it something much worse?

Ceremonies of Innocence
Oh. Apparently this was my first short story. It was inspired by the Robert Cormier novel, "I am the cheese."

Original summary: A psychiatrist attempts to recover the traumatic events concealed in a patient's memory. But, sometimes, forgetting is essential to survival...

The Fisher King

Original summary: Mulder has been shot, and Scully wants to know why; but, sometimes, getting what you most want can be the worst thing of all.

Dreams of Fair Horses

Original summary: Why does a killer leave notes? As a serial killer toys with investigators like a cat with a mouse, Mulder and Scully find out what it is to predict a murder but to be powerless to prevent it.

Sailing Calmly On
This story was inspired by Auden's poem "Musee Des Beaux Arts". The theme of this poem is how ordinary people often don't see the signifance of the great and tragic events that happen in the background of their lives, as they pass by, thinking of their own little concerns. I returned to the same theme many years later in the Dark is Rising fanfic, Pictures in the Dark.
Original summary: The end of the X-Files, seen through the eyes of three who neither understand nor care.

Saving Her
I actually posted this story under a different name, because I was embarrassed about it. It came from a shamelessly melodramatic little story I made up in my head over months.
Original summary: A kidnap; a rescue attempt. But who will pay the price?

Nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings, really, except that the mood of it was inspired by a scene in the Lord of the Rings, and a snowy mountain comes into it. This was a departure from my usual style, since it's a fairly long set-up, but told in small fragments. I liked it.
Original summary: Mulder and Scully confront the prospect of defeat, and maybe something even worse.

The Innocent Spring
The Midsummer Burning
The Fall of the Leaf
The Dead of Winter

Oh, gosh, I'd forgotten this series. I liked these! They're AU, in which everything is the same about the world... except for one little thing that happened differently some 20 years before.
Original summary: It began with a choice, and the choice changed the lives of so many. Now, in a world that is not quite as we know it, Scully finds a body at her door, and it could change her, again, forever.

The Buried Life
The Hills and the Sea

Two stories that are linked, but can be read in either order. They tell a similar story, but one is set in the "real" world, and one is set in the AU from "The Innocent Spring" series.

Original summary for "The Buried Life": Elizabeth Mulder has withdrawn from the world, forgotten how to love. As danger reaches out for her son, can she bring herself to make contact?
Original summary for "The Hills and the Sea": Elizabeth Mulder has built a new life over the grave of the old, salvaged some happiness. The dead were never supposed to return....

Through a Glass Darkly
Through a Glass Darkly 2: Face to Face

Original summary: As he awaits his victim, a gunman is driven towards insanity by "memories" that don't appear to be his own.

Another Such Victory
Original summary: Three years on, Scully lets herself remember Mulder's greatest victory.... and his greatest betrayal. Is it too late for reparation?

Gilded Cage
Original summary: After a kidnapping, Mulder and Scully need to fight to survive.

A Game of Dark
Original summary: A late night chase after a dangerous criminal leads to some important decisions, but could also lead to death.

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