Long and angsty ones

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These are all in the form of txt files, because that's how I had to save them back in the days of Usenet. They are also all single, long files, not broken up into chapters. That's how I like to read stories, but apologies if you prefer things more manageable.

All of these stories are rated between PG-13 and R for darkness, angst and violence, but there's no sex and swearing.
Inferno trilogy
These three linked stories were my very first fanfics. I remember posting them in utter terror and dread, and not getting much feedback. I assumed few people had liked it, so was utterly amazed to find myself winning third prize as "best angst writer" in the X-Files fanfic awards when I'd only been posting for a couple of months, and hadn't even finished this series.
Inferno original summary: Mulder finds himself engulfed in a nightmare when he gets too close to a complex web of murder and revenge. Can Scully, distracted by doubts of her own, help him before it's too late?
Purgatorio original summary: When a woman apparently kills her husband and claims no memory of the event, for once it is Scully who believes there is more to it than meets the eye, especially when she uncovers a possible link to her own disappearance. But when the murders continue, Mulder comes up with a theory of his own - a theory which threatens to tear them both apart...
Paradiso orginal summary: While Scully attempts to undo the damage wrought by recent events, Mulder gets drawn into a web of intrigue that could easily lead him to the truth, but could just as easily destroy him.

And, finally, here is something I must have written before posting "Paradiso". I've no idea why I wrote it, or where I posted it, but it appears to be some musings on the development of this trilogy, and its themes.

Malleus Maleficarum
My second long fanfic, and one of the darkest and most bleak ones I wrote. It also comes complete with a ridiculously long and pretentious author's note at the end, analysing all the themes. Not long after I posted this, I read a children's/young adult novel that had a rather similar theme, and even gave the baddie the same name! It was just a coincidence, though, due to both me and that author drawing on a theme and character name from folk tale.

Original summary: A stranger with a tempting offer promises hope in Mulder's time of need. Refusal could cost him and Scully their lives, but could the price of acceptance be greater still?

This story was the first one I ever wrote that merited an "R" for "romance," though as I say in my notes, it really isn't a romance. I don't do romance. It's angst, of course. Need you ask? I seem to remember that quite a few people cited this is their favourite of my stories... but they still gave me death threats about my failure to write a sequel. Hmph. Some people are never happy.

Original summary: Mulder and Scully struggle to come to terms with an "accident" that threatens to change their lives for ever, unaware that the danger is still far from over.

Another Country
Well, this isn't a very useful summary, is it? I must have had a reason for such vagueness. I think some different people used to cite this as their favourite of my stories, too.

Original summary: Mulder finds the key, while Scully faces an old enemy.

Leviathan 2

This story, on the other hand, was my favourite amongst my long stories. It invaded my dreams. It's a very lose crossover with Stephen King's "The Stand", but not in such a way that you need to read that book. It's a real End of the World fic, written before the year 2000, when the Millennium Bug felt like a real possibility.

Original summary: Many years ago, in a smoke-filled room, the men of shadows signed away the future of mankind. The date was set; and now the date has come. It has come...

The First Stone
The First Stone 2: After the First Death

These two stories are much shorter than the others on the page, but I feel they belong here, rather than in the short stories section. I originally rated the first story NC-17 for violence, but I'd say R now. It was the first time I wrote something so extreme, and I was being over defensive. I got a lot of feedback on this one, some of it very moving.

Original summary: Three agents working on the same murder case have apparently committed suicide. While investigating, Mulder makes a painful discovery that puts him in very real danger of becoming the fourth.

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