The Long Road Home: a thrilling drama series

by Eildon Rhymer (aka Rhymer23)

Back to my more sensible Stargate Atlantis fanfic

The Long Road Home is an exciting drama series full of thrills! and heroism! and giant plants! To whet your appetite for things we will see in the coming weeks:

Dramatic music. Fast-cut images: Sheppard and a Wraith lunging at each other; Sheppard tied down with chains; Sheppard leaping heroically through the air; a voice saying, "Give up now, Colonel Sheppard. Accept your fate," and Sheppard saying, "Never!" More dramatic music. Giant plants and terrible monsters, and through it all, a dream of home.

This probably has to count as crack, but it's all mixed up with action adventure, whump, and humour. It's illustrated, and we even have a blooper reel. It's an ongoing adventure, but don't let that put you off. It's not the sort of story that really needs an end.

Episode one: Breaking Free

Episode two: Strangely Blocky

Episode three: Going to L

Episode four: Up the Beanstalk

Episode five: Pointy Teeth