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Primeval is a TV series that started airing in the UK early in 2007. The basic premise is that mysterious "anomalies" are opening up in various locations, which serve as portals back into prehistoric times. Various monsters come through and rampage around in the modern day, and our heroes try and deal with it. Nick Cutter is an evolutionary biologist, and Stephen is his lab assistant. Connor is a geeky student, and Abby is a reptile expert from the local zoo. Claudia is civil servant involved in hushing all this up, and Lester is her boss. Helen is Cutter's wife, who went missing 8 years ago, near an anomaly...

I did enjoy writing both of these stories (which I posted on LJ, using my ladyofastolat name) but Stargate Atlantis leapt out and grabbed me a few months later, and I'm very strictly monogomous in my fandoms, totally unable to write in more than one at a time, so I never wrote more.

Big and Scary

Rating: PG. Well, probably G, but I prefer to err on the safe side.
Spoilers: Very vague hints about something that happened at the end of series one, but not enough to spoil it for someone who hasn't seen it. Actually, I think this story would probably make perfect sense even to someone who's never seen the series at all.
Genre: Humour
Word count: 3000 words
Summary: Stephen is all alone with something Big and Scary.

Broken Images

Rating: PG
Spoilers: This is a post-episode story for the final episode in the first series (i.e. episode six.) It follows directly on from the episode, and deals with the consequences of the episode.
Word count: 8000 words
Summary: Aftermath and consequences. To say any more would be a spoiler.

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