The Magnificent Seven

fanfic by Eildon Rhymer (aka Rhymer23)

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I watched the Magnificent Seven TV series in January 2010, and was immediately inspired to write about it. It took a while before I actually got anything down on paper, though. I honestly don't know if I'll write more in the fandom. I do have a few vague ideas, but I also have ideas in a different fandom, and I don't know which set of ideas will shout louder.
Scotching the Snake (posted 24th April 2010 - c. 50,000 words)

Rating: PG-13. Some violence, but it's not particularly graphic
Spoilers: Spoilers for the entire series, with particular reference to Serpents and Obsession
Content: Gen. Drama, angst (loads of it), h/c (Ezra.) Main characters are Ezra, Buck and Chris, in that order of priority. The rest of the Seven do appear, but aren't viewpoint characters.
Summary: The Seven ride against a dangerous gang, and two strangers come to town. As the sun beats mercilessly down, trust is eroded and suspicions grow, threatening the future of the Seven, and the life of one of their number.

If at First You Don't Succeed (posted 25th April 2010 - c. 5,500 words)

Rating: PG.
Content: Gen. Kind of humorous, but also some character study and a bit of angst. This is an Ezra story, set when he's 19 or 20.
Summary: A younger Ezra attempts to master a new skill. The results are somewhat… unfortunate.

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