Robin Hood

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I never really intended to write Robin Hood fanfic, but somehow I did... I initially thought I'd be most interested in writing about Robin and Guy, since the pre-series publicity photos were pushing these two as the main characters, and Guy is so very hot. But already, by week four, my interest in Guy has waned, as a result of him not actually doing much. (That's doing much, note, not doing Much.) I suspect I have now given my fanfic loyalty to Much instead.
31st October 2006
Fallen enemies

Rating: PG-13. Slashy hints, rather than anything else.
Spoilers: Set after the end of the second episode. However, some of the character background described here (i.e. the reason Robin left the Holy Land) has since been semi-contradicted by the series
Word count: 2,600 words
Summary: Robin goes for a walk in the forest to escape his demons, and encounters an enemy


Rating: PG-13 - verging on R. Nothing explicit, but the references to past slashiness are rather hard to ignore.
Spoilers: Set after the end of the third episode. It also follows on from "Fallen enemies".
Word count: 3,100 words
Summary: Sir Guy of Gisburne goes hunting for his enemy

Watching Robin's back

Rating: PG-13. A brief and very vague reference to a Robin/Much slashy episode in the past.
Spoilers: Set after the end of the fourth episode. You can read it as following on from my previous two Robin Hood stories, but equally you can read it as being self-contained
Word count: 2,100 words
Summary: "Much had been losing Robin all his life"

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