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A nice listing of poisons and their symptoms and signs. This is by no means exhaustive. Note that, in real life, most poisoning cases are accident or suicide rather than murder. It's not very good as a murder weapon as labs can always detect it in the body. However, sometimes poisoning deaths look like natural deaths, unless a toxicological analysis in done.

Please note that this is intended for fiction use only, not for medical use. It was compiled from books and websites, with some help from those in the know.





Synthetic Organic Substances



Spanish fly. When crushed and rubbed on skin, causes blisters. Taken orally, a small dose results in kidney damage. Larger doses inflame mouth, throat and stomach. Vomit and urine contain blood. Headache, delirium, convulsions, leading to death.

Inorganic and Metallic Poisons


Not usually used as murder weapon. Generally only encountered when people eat them by mistake.

Symptoms of most fungus poisons are sickness, diarrhoea and stomach pains. When you eat them they often taste bitter and burn, telling you not to eat any further, though some taste delicious (eg Aminita). Then symptoms go away while the poison spreads through body - by the time any really worrying symptoms show up, it's really too late. These later symptoms include giddiness, sweating, fast pulse, anxiety. The more you panic, the faster your heart pumps the poison round the body.

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