Two Worlds

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Summary: Will and Bran meet up again as students in Oxford, but an unexpected enemy is stirring, and nothing will be the same again, for two young men, or for the world.
Rating: R - This is a fairly cautious rating. It does contain slash, but there's nothing explicit in it. I'd still rather be safe than sorry.
Word count: c. 128,000

This story contains slash of the Will/Bran variety. Please don't read it if this offends you. However, it is pretty mild slash. There are no sex scenes or explicit language, and the focus is more on the barriers that exist between a human and an Old One, rather than on "made for each other" romance.

I had taken some liberties with the time-line and put Will and Bran at Oxford in the late 80s, just so I could write about what I know. The Oxford way of doing things is rather different from anywhere else, so if you come across things and think, "But it isn't like that at College!" rest assured that it is like that in Oxford. My scanner isn't happy at the moment, but when I've got it fixed, I might post some pictures of the main settings of this story. Or else you can do a Google images search for "Merton College" and get it from there.

The whole story is here

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