Title: His Master's Death

Words: 102



Unearthly music issued from his master's chamber. Hawkin trembled. Was his lord conversing with the heavenly host?


"Noooo!" Merriman wailed. Were the angels hurting him? Punishing him?


"Stop!" Hawkin rushed in. "My master isn't... "


Merriman was alone, clutching a strange casket, plainly wrought by evil fairies. Tiny men were imprisoned inside its lid, and...


"The mouse died," Merriman lamented. Hawkin glanced around, then checked the soles of his shoes. "Now I'm dead. And I'd just memorised magic missile, too."


Hawkin gaped. Dead? Master? Dead?


Merriman sighed. "I think this is yet another thing you need to forget, isn't it?"


Hawkin nodded eagerly.